Simulating Flash Zoom

Can my 3D-Software simulate flash zoom correctly?

Oskar wanted to find out how accurately the 3D photo studio simulation software set.a.light3D can reproduce the results of The meaning of Flash Zoom.
Question: Can a 3D simulation recreate the results of the flash zoom test?

Flash Zoom set to 24 mm
Flash Zoom set to 200 mm

Result: The results of the simulation with set.a.light 3D are comparable to the actual test with real speedlites. At 200 mm the simulated image looks quite different than the real measurement. The shape of the lighted spot on the wall is different and there are some strange artifacts in the rendered image.

Conclusion: The results of set.a.light 3D are quite accurate, but there are situations when the software misbehaves. Watch out for further tests.